Stargate: The System Lords is a live-action roleplaying (LRP) game set in the Stargate universe. Players play Goa'uld System Lords - megalomaniacal aliens posing as the gods of ancient Earth - as well as their genetically-engineered Jaffa servants, and disposable human slaves. All are vying for control of the galaxy and personal power, while seeking to forge alliances, manipulate and plot against rivals, and face common foes.

The High Council of the System Lords has been called to address three growing threats to Goa'uld dominance of the galaxy - Tok'ra traitors seeking to undermine and sabotage the Goa'uld; the Tau'ri of ancient Earth proving to be a more dangerous and stubborn enemy than anyone predicted; and finally, whispers and rumours of rebellion within the Jaffa ranks. All who can claim the rank of System Lord have been invited to attend Council, where hopefully some semblance of accord might be found amongst the fractious gods.

Stargate: The System Lords is a low-combat, high-social-PVP game with a group focus. Character creation and rules are very simple and are intended to promote mutual antagonism, scheming and plotting, and dramatic interpersonal roleplay.